Fable: The Lost Chapters Any% Winter Tournament
SpeedGEMS is hosting a Fable: The Lost Chapter Any% Tournament! The event will take place starting the 15th of March 2019, entries will be open until February 15th. Tope runners from the Fable:TLC Community have been invited to participate and have a guaranteed spot in the tournament until the 15th of February (if they have not confirmed)

Current Roster

 NAME Win Loss Pnts
KJFreshly 0 0 0
ETEM 0 0 0
Cleansera 0 0 0
Cannibalx6 0 0 0
Giantsteps92 0 0 0
CCNeverender 0 0 0
BigLaw 0 0 0
The Funcannon 0 0 0

 NAME Win Loss Pnts
Open Position
 0 0 0
Open Position 0 0 0
Open Position 0 0 0
Open Position 0 0 0
Open Position 0 0 0
Open Position 0 0 0
Open Position 0 0 0
Open Position 0 0 0

Entry Legend

Green - Entry Confirmed
Yellow - Invited/Not Confirmed
Red - Retired/Disqualified

Points System

-Set Win:          10 Points
-Set Loss:         3 Points
 -Match Win:      3 Points
-Match Loss:     1 Point

Match/Set Points are used to determine the tournament winner and are also added to the total points of a player on the ranking page.

Points are tallied after every match and will be added to a Tournament/Match Ranking for this game, this page tracks players stats over time throughout their tournament history, only players with 10 Points or more will have their rankings updated/added after a tournament.

Match Schedule

Player 1Player 2DateTime

Rules & Information

1st Place Prize - $100.00 (US)
2nd Place Prize - $50.00 (US)
3rd Place Prize - $25.00 (US)
4th Place Prize - $10.00 (US)

All entrants must register before the tournament registration deadline, entries which have not been entered by that time but submitted prior to the deadline will be added.

Cash prizes will be payed out via PayPal within 24 hours of completion of the final match of the tournament. Winners will be contacted to confirm their prizes.

Matches may last up to 3:30 Hours, please be ready to play your match in it's entirety. A 5-10m intermission will follow the first and second match to give players a chance to adjust their strategies and gameplay.

Matches will be streamed/played on a schedule that works for both of the runners. All entrants must be able to attend their matches, not attending a match will lead to disqualification.

Event is a Best of 3 Single Elimination Style Tournament using a dynamic points system. If enough entries are present the tournament will become a two-stage tournament instead.

Runners will start the matches live against one another, the first player to complete the game the fastest within the standard community speedrunning guidelines will be declared the winner of that match.


If you have not been invited but would like to participate in the tournament please contact valiant@speedgems.com with your twitch username, discord userid, first name & availability (monday to sunday)